“Agrasen P.G College, Sikandrabad is committed to meet the requirements and expectations of parents and academic needs of students by continual improvement in quality management system of the college.”



To provide quality education for all and help develop equal and just society by generating creative impulse and cultural development with emphases on science and technology to eradicate poverty and encourage modernization in this backward district of eastern part of Uttar Pradesh.

  1. To achieve excellence in academics and examination results.
  2. Development of personality, self-confidence and sense of responsibility.
  3. To achieve excellence in disciplined behavior, punctuality and attendance.
  4. Guidance for career building.
  5. Continual Improvement of Quality Management System.
  6. Parents pride and respect for the college.


  1. To promote knowledge as power and arm people with information, skill, feeling and sentiments to contribute in national development.
  2. To promote higher education to fulfil the social need and global requirements.
  3. To encourage and adopt the holistic approach towards acquisition of knowledge in a knowledge- based society in this era of science and technology.
  4. To inculcate spiritual and moral values into the young minds.
  5. To impart quality education through useful course material, infrastructural development by incorporating feedback system.
  6. To develop trained human resources through value added knowledge management.