The College provides all the basic amenities and facilities to the students. Some of the important features are as follows:

  • Laboratories : The laboratories in the Science Faculty are well-equipped with the latest instruments and apparatuses which are essential for proper scientific education.
  • Library : There is one centralized Library of the College housed in spacious building at Campus. There are well furnished spacious reading rooms attached to Central Library, where all important Newspapers, Journals and Magazines are provided for the benefit of the students of the College.
  • Games & Sports : The College has always maintained a high standard in sports and games and all facilities are provided to talented students to improve their capabilities as sportsmen and players with the result that the College teams have earned laurels in every field, e.g., hockey, cricket. However, these facilities are available for students of all the faculties viz., Science, Commerce.
  • Gymnasium : A gymnasium has been constructed with the financial assistance from National Sports Organization, for the proper physical development of the students. Facilities for gymnastics and indoor games like badminton, table-tennis, carom etc. are also provided.
  • National Service Scheme : The Scheme was launched in 1969 by the Ministry of Education and Youth Welfare, Government of India for undergraduate students in the Universities and Colleges in order to give them a practical training in social service and to familiarize them with the needs and problems of the weaker sections of the society in rural and urban areas. Under this scheme N.S.S. camps are organised by the College. Work for the uplift of the rural and urban areas is undertaken. The participants in these camps are issued certificates of merit which entitles them for preference in admission to higher classes.
  • National Cadet Corps : College has Army and Naval wings of N.C.C. under the control of N.C.C. Officers for the students of B.Sc., and B.Com.. Students may join the N.C.C. parades which are held in the evening at Campus. Students interested should contact N.C.C. Officer for further details. Fresh enrolment will start in the month of July / August.
  • Proctorial Board : In order to maintain discipline, law and order in the College campus a Proctorial Board had been constituted. The Chief Proctor may associate some Students as prefects to assist the Proctorial Board.
  • Stipends, Scholarships and Financial Assistance : (i) S.C./S.T./O.B.C. students are granted scholarships by the U.P.Govt. on the recommendation of the Principal, (ii) Financial assistance is also granted by the U.P. Govt. to other deserving and poor Students, (iii) A large numberof Full-freeships and Half-freeships are awarded to deserving and poor students, (iv) Poor and deserving Students are also given aid from the Students Aid Fund of the College.