• Any of the rules may be dropped or modified as and when necessary.
  • Students are advised to note that a minimum of 75% attendance in theory and practicals (where held) is statutory binding for Science / Commerce stream for allowing them to appear at the examination. Those who fail to put in 75% attendance may not be allowed to appear at the examination.
  • Students who fail in any examination can appear at the next examination as Exempted Candidate without attending theory and practical classes according to the rules of the University.
  • All the students will be issued Identity Cards which they must always keep on their person and produce on demand. It is an important document which must not be lost. Duplicate Identity Cards are issued on payment of Rs. 50/- and on applying for the same along with copy of F.I.R. and an affidavit to this effect.
  • Books with a total cost not exceeding Rs.150/-will be issued from the Library to a student at a time. Costlier books may be issued to a student if he / she deposits the balance of the price of books as Security-Money at the respective cashier counter and obtain the receipt for the same. The amount deposited will be refundable when the student returns the book. Library books will be issued for 14-days only. Thereafter, a fine of Rs.5/-day will be charged for each book for the next seven days, if the book is not returned during this period, a fine of Rs.10/ -per day per book will be charged till it is returned.
  • Students are advised to note down the detailed Time-Table from their respective Faculty Offices.
  • Holiday notices will be put up on the College Notice-Boards as and when required.
  • The amount of fee payable shall be displayed on the College Notice-Boards. Fee once deposited will not be refunded in any case.
  • Students must preserve their Original Fee-Receipts, Admit Cards; Identity Cards etc. because these documents are always required for getting admission to the next higher class and also for availing any other facility during their three years' study in the college and for use in future.


  • The college allows parking of vehicles at owner's risk at specified places only and a token amount is payable for the upkeep and maintenance of those places.
  • Visitors, employees and students are advised in their interest to get their VEHICLES INSURED and keep their vehicles properly LOCKED and CHAINED.
  • In the unfortunate event of theft of the vehicle the College will not be liable in any form and to any extent and legal recourse i.e. filing of F.I.R. etc. will have to be followed by the aggrieved person only.